Our motto

Make buildings smarter

The world around us is constantly changing. Driven by the ambition to change the construction sector accordingly, at J.P. van Eesteren, we strive to develop and build innovative offices, hospitals, schools and other utility architecture. Thanks to this strong drive – and our unique flexibility and creativity – we have maintained ourselves as one of the leading reputable construction firms in the Netherlands for over 80 years. Each time around, we are able to realise buildings that effectively respond to the changing requirements of our times. Buildings that are more sustainable, more flexible and that can accommodate a wider range of functions.

Make buildings ‘future-proof’

Our answer to modern-day requirements is: make buildings smarter. Prepare them in an insightful way for a constantly-changing future. By developing solutions that effortlessly do what is asked of them for the next century. But which can just as easily be fully or partially converted to a new function after a decade of use. Or even disassembled altogether after 25 years or so, with all materials once again becoming available for re-use or recycling. This comes down to a construction approach that is both sustainable and flexible. Buildings realised this way can be considered ‘future-proof’.

Intellectually demanding construction projects

At J.P. van Eesteren, hardly any of our projects can be considered ‘run of the mill’. The majority of them are highly demanding – requiring the intelligent and inventive integration of their technical, architectural and functional requirements. And the surprising combination of functional requirements that at first glance actually seem to conflict.

​​Always looking for the optimum solution

And we actually want to make the construction process smarter too. Keep a fresh perspective on processes, so that we can continue to optimise them. Keep driving innovation in both our development and construction programmes, in each separate phase – from engineering to maintenance. Whatever the contract type or project budget. This drive to improve is in our very genes. And it’s exactly what has made J.P. van Eesteren the success it is today.

​People with a promising future

Our people are crucial to our success as a company. Day in day out, our employees work to raise the quality of both our projects and their own skills and expertise to an even higher level. And they always work from the understanding that the construction process is not a goal in itself, but merely a means to an end. Our employees work from their own considerable expertise, but with a close eye on the team effort. They combine a pragmatic approach with solid professionalism.

​Extra effectiveness, expertise and certainty

J.P. van Eesteren operates as an independent company within TBI, one of the Netherlands’ foremost property, construction and technology groups. Our collaboration with other members of this group strengthens our effectiveness and expertise in the area of integrated design, construction and maintenance. At all levels. What’s more: TBI offers our clients, suppliers and staff greater financial certainty, as well as extra opportunities for cost savings, quality improvements and further efficiency.